Hiram, Maine

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   " I feel compelled to express my gratitude towards SunVersion, LLC.  The wife and I are Air Force veterans and we just moved back to Maine four years ago.  Integrity is a core value for us and so after searching long and hard for a heat-pump when we finally met Patrick at SunVersion LLC we knew he was the man to do the job.  I have had the pleasure of doing business with Patrick on several occasions now.  Each time I have had work done (everything from boiler maintenance to electrical wiring to my new heat-pump), there has been three major things in common (amongst others).
     First, Patrick has always been completely professional and extremely thorough in his explanation of what he is going to do.   Secondly I have never been anything except 100 percent COMPLETELY satisfied with any and all work he has ever done for me.  Finally when I receive the bill on his way out I usually feel guilty because it is far less than his competitors charge.  How do I know this?  I had boiler troubles for three years before I found Patrick, which he put an end to.   I also was in the market for TWO YEARS trying to find the right quote for a heat-pump.  SunVersion LLC came in 25 percent cheaper than my cheapest quote, even with the main brand Mitsubishi heat-pump.  Three of our neighbors have heat-pumps, one of which he did (this is how we met).  The care and professionalism Patrick takes during installation is self evident when looking at which heat-pumps he installed and which he did not.  
     I am usually weary of picking one business to complete all of the work I need because I have felt for years now that businesses just aren't what they were years ago.  SunVersion LLC has provided the personal relationship of a "mom and pop" business yet consistently utilized cutting edge technology to complete the multitude of work I have requested.  I am telling you, call SunVersion ESPECIALLY if it is for a new heat-pump!   Give him the time to show what he can do for you and he will put money back in your pocket while allowing you to sleep well at night knowing you got the biggest bang for your buck, period! "

- Joe

Limerick, Maine