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                            SOLAR ELECTRIC

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SunVersion, LLC is here for all your Solar PV needs. We Design, Install, and Maintenance all kinds of systems whether residential or commercial, ground, roof, or wall mounts. We are capable of doing it all.

There are three main options of Solar PV -

ON GRID -We size your system based on what you would like to "offset" on your electricity bill. Currently CMP offers "net metering". With an On Grid system Solar panels produce electricity during sunlight hours which you consume. Often the Solar panels generate more than the needs of your household. When this happens the excess electricity goes back to the "grid" to also provide clean power for your neighbors. CMP meters this excess electricity through a second meter installed at your home. You are then credited any extra electricity (which is measured in KW) you send out which reflects on your bill. "Grid Tied" systems can be any size. You can offset anywhere from 10% - 110%.

OFF GRID -You are your own power source! This type of system needs to be sized very carefully. The size of your system will determine exactly how much power is available to you. Changes in lifestyle usually needs to be made in order to accommodate. Some examples include LED lighting, water heating, space heating, and any electric appliances. Back up generators are highly recommended with these types of systems.

Off grid systems consist of a Solar array, controls, and storage/ batteries. Sunversion, LLC offers a diverse group of options with these type of systems. With technology evolving energy storage is becoming more efficient, cleaner, and safer. We strive to keep up with everything available for energy storage so we can offer the best possible application and options that will fit your needs.

ON/ OFF GRID -These systems can be the best of both worlds. Controls allow you to decide whether you would like to be Grid connected for those rainy days and be Off Grid the rest or any combination you may choose. Another option can be Grid connected with a battery backup. So when the Grid power fails your home runs off a battery source.