Hiram, Maine

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     As a small business owner we are faced with new obstacles everyday. The ever changing economy paired with politics locally and nationally seem to be making it more difficult for a small business's success. Although, ironically it's the personality and diversity of a small business that define our culture. Fortunately, there is a growing trend for supporting small business's.....

     I myself would like to send a huge THANK YOU! to all my customers and the amazing support I have received from both them and friends and family. SunVersion started from the ground up, and without all these wonderful people we may not have accomplished as much as we have.

     I would like all my customers to take a bow! Within the past 8 months we have added 27.68 KW worth  of Solar electric systems within the state of Maine. To add to that we have added about 230,000 btu's/ hr worth of high efficiency Heat pumps.  

     Again thank you so much!

Patrick Crosscup