Hiram, Maine

(207) 256 - 0931

 " When I had an issue with my solar power system, I called SunVersion. Patrick responded quickly and efficiently fixed the problem, saving me quite a bit of money in the process. I'm very happy with the work done and the quality of the service."


Oxford county

As a small business owner we are faced with new obstacles everyday. The ever changing economy paired with politics locally and nationally seem to be making it more difficult for a small business's success. Although ironically it's the personality and diversity of small business's that define our culture.


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  " I feel compelled to express my gratitude towards SunVersion, LLC.  The wife and I are Air Force veterans and we just moved back to Maine four years ago.  Integrity is a core value for us and so after searching long and hard for a heat-pump when we finally met Patrick at SunVersion LLC we knew he was the man to do the job."                                                

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" We were interested in having heat pumps installed at our residence in Parsonsfield, Maine and requested Patrick provide us with recommendations and an estimate. We were primarily interested in a system that would provide cooling in the summer, but were also interested in whether heat pumps would be a more efficient source of heat over our oil based system."

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